Preventive medicine, precision medicine, and personalized medicine are the key words that penetrate the future healthcare industry. Microbiome-related biotechnology is the growth engine of the future health care industry, and it is the core of this industry. AtoGen Co., Ltd. has developed a self-developed functional material screening platform and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing technology) to analyze the metagenome, and we are researching and developing new drugs and functional food materials to treat various diseases and improve health.

Vision and Mission

A new and dynamic leader in developing a microbiome drug.

From Microbiome to Medicine

Finding links between disease and human microbiome.
Microbiome Modulatory Novel Drugs and Functional Food Materials Development for treating diseases.


Professional researchers
Research capacity construction for each research theme

Original materials
Targeted therapeutic microbes

Core technology
Screening technics & Whole genome analysis techology